Union Street Garage

Location: San Francisco, CA
Designer: Mende Design

How do you use color to help people find their way in a parking garage?

Red Envelope

Location: San Francisco, CA
Architect: Huntsman Architectural Group

Can color really help brand?


Location: El Segundo, CA

How do you make the three tallest buildings in El Segundo stand out to attract and retain tenants—without shouting?

795 Folsom

Location: Yerba Buena District, San Francisco, CA

How do you make an invisible beige building stand out in its surroundings in order to attract new technology tenants?


One Henry Adams Street Apartments

Location: One Henry Adams Street
Architect: BAR

How do you introduce a high density housing project into the heart of the historic Showplace Square neighborhood?

Avalon Dogpatch

Location: San Francisco, CA
Architects: Pyatok Architects, Owen Kennerly, Mithun/Solomon

How do you replace a 650-foot-long metal shed adjacent to a freeway with appealing new housing?

1701 MLK

Location: Oakland, CA
Architect: Pyatok Architects

How do you integrate special needs housing for the formerly homeless into an existing neighborhood?

1201 Tennessee

Location: San Francisco, CA
Architect: Fougeron Architecture

How do you activate three large scale buildings in an emerging residential neighborhood?

Irvington Village

Project: Regis Homes
Location: Fremont, CA
Architect: KTGY Architect

In a fluctuating housing market how can you attract new homebuyers?

Mary Helen Rogers Senior Community

Location: Civic Center District, San Francisco, CA

How can you create a sense of place on a busy thoroughfare for Senior Housing?

Avalon Ocean Avenue

Location: 1200 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA
Developer: Avalon Bay Communities
Architect: Pyatok Architects Inc.

How can color set the tone for a new transit-oriented development?

The Fillmore Center

Location: Fillmore District, San Francisco, CA

How do you reimagine a building you colored in the late 1990’s?


Kapor Center for Social Impact

Location: Oakland, CA
Architect: Fougeron Architects San Francisco, California

Located in uptown Oakland, California how do you adapt a traditional brick building to incorporate contemporary design elements that reflect the mission of its owners to promote diversity and information technology to an underserved community?

Sinai Memorial

Sinai Memorial
Location: San Francisco, CA

How can you make a significant Art Deco building stand out on a major thoroughfare when surrounding new buildings tower all around it?

De Anza High School

De Anza High School
Location: El Sobrante, California
Architect: DLM Architecture, San Francisco, CA

How do you take a troubled High School with low test scores and sinking enrollment and turn it into a successful community asset and Institution?

San Mateo County Courthouse

Project: Coloration of historic monument
Location: Redwood City, California

How do you color a 65 foot tall historic dome without any historic reference?

Aldea Center – UCSF

Location: Mount Sutro, San Francisco, CA

What colors suit a contemporary Community Center building nestled among the trees on Mount Sutro?


Crocker Galleria

Location: San Francisco, CA

How can you rebrand a retail location without dating the renovation with recognizable trend colors?

Private Victorian Residence

Private Victorian Residence
Location: San Francisco, CA

How do you color a traditional Victorian residence with a floor plan that reveals many rooms at one time?

Private Loft Residence

Private Loft Residence
Location: New York, New York

How does one transform a spacious former industrial floor plan in Manhattan into an inviting residence?


Bentley Mills

Project: Manufacturing Plant Color Program
Location: City of Industry, CA

How do you improve the worker and visitor experience in a large factory?

Herman Miller

Project: Manufacturing Plant Color Program
Location: Zeeland, Michigan
Architects: A. Quincy Jones, FAIA

How do you update a ¼ mile long spine of a large architecturally significant factory complex?



Bart Tower

Bart Tower
Location: Walnut Creek, CA

Responding to neighborhood complaints about visual noise, how do you make a signal tower located adjacent to a busy freeway disappear into the sky scape?

H&N Foods Fish Chart

Project: Fish Freshness Chart – Tuna
Location: San Francisco, CA

When do you see red?