Union Street Garage

Location: San Francisco, CA
Designer: Mende Design

How do you use color to help people find their way in a parking garage?

Red Envelope

Location: San Francisco, CA
Architect: Huntsman Architectural Group

Can color really help brand?


Location: El Segundo, CA

How do you make the three tallest buildings in El Segundo stand out to attract and retain tenants—without shouting?

795 Folsom

Location: Yerba Buena District, San Francisco, CA

How do you make an invisible beige building stand out in its surroundings in order to attract new technology tenants?



Avalon Dogpatch

Location: San Francisco, CA
Architects: Pyatok Architects, Owen Kennerly, Mithun/Solomon

How do you replace a 650-foot-long metal shed adjacent to a freeway with appealing new housing?

1701 MLK

Location: Oakland, CA
Architect: Pyatok Architects

How do you integrate special needs housing for the formerly homeless into an existing neighborhood?

1201 Tennessee

Location: San Francisco, CA
Architect: Fougeron Architecture

How do you activate three large scale buildings in an emerging residential neighborhood?

Irvington Village

Project: Regis Homes
Location: Fremont, CA
Architect: KTGY Architect

In a fluctuating housing market how can you attract new homebuyers?

Mary Helen Rogers Senior Community

Location: Civic Center District, San Francisco, CA

How can you create a sense of place on a busy thoroughfare for Senior Housing?

Avalon Ocean Avenue

Location: 1200 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA
Developer: Avalon Bay Communities
Architect: Pyatok Architects Inc.

How can color set the tone for a new transit-oriented development?

The Fillmore Center

Location: Fillmore District, San Francisco, CA

How do you reimagine a building you colored in the late 1990’s?



Kapor Center for Social Impact

Location: Oakland, CA
Architect: Fougeron Architects San Francisco, California

Located in uptown Oakland, California how do you adapt a traditional brick building to incorporate contemporary design elements that reflect the mission of its owners to promote diversity and information technology to an underserved community?

Sinai Memorial

Sinai Memorial
Location: San Francisco, CA

How can you make a significant Art Deco building stand out on a major thoroughfare when surrounding new buildings tower all around it?

De Anza High School

De Anza High School
Location: El Sobrante, California
Architect: DLM Architecture, San Francisco, CA

How do you take a troubled High School with low test scores and sinking enrollment and turn it into a successful community asset and Institution?

San Mateo County Courthouse

Project: Coloration of historic monument
Location: Redwood City, California

How do you color a 65 foot tall historic dome without any historic reference?

Aldea Center – UCSF

Location: Mount Sutro, San Francisco, CA

What colors suit a contemporary Community Center building nestled among the trees on Mount Sutro?



Crocker Galleria

Location: San Francisco, CA

How can you rebrand a retail location without dating the renovation with recognizable trend colors?

Private Victorian Residence

Private Victorian Residence
Location: San Francisco, CA

How do you color a traditional Victorian residence with a floor plan that reveals many rooms at one time?

Private Loft Residence

Private Loft Residence
Location: New York, New York

How does one transform a spacious former industrial floor plan in Manhattan into an inviting residence?



Bentley Mills

Project: Manufacturing Plant Color Program
Location: City of Industry, CA

How do you improve the worker and visitor experience in a large factory?

Herman Miller

Project: Manufacturing Plant Color Program
Location: Zeeland, Michigan
Architects: A. Quincy Jones, FAIA

How do you update a ¼ mile long spine of a large architecturally significant factory complex?



Bart Tower

Bart Tower
Location: Walnut Creek, CA

Responding to neighborhood complaints about visual noise, how do you make a signal tower located adjacent to a busy freeway disappear into the sky scape?

H&N Foods Fish Chart

Project: Fish Freshness Chart – Tuna
Location: San Francisco, CA

When do you see red?