Color enhances the quality of real estate, products, and the workplace. The effect of color on human beings goes beyond our conscious perception of ‘good taste’ and beauty. Colors evoke a wide spectrum of physical and behavioral responses. Drawing upon knowledge from psychology, color theory, visual ergonomics, biological research, eastern philosophy, and medical science, each project is functionally analyzed to yield a beneficial and life enhancing experience.

Colour Studio’s goal is to implement design that bridges functionality, aesthetics, and science through color consulting.

Jill Pilaroscia

Jill Pilaroscia founded Colour Studio in 1979 and has over 30 years of experience in color consultation. She is a fully accredited member of the International Association of Color Consultants. Her thesis on Color in the Manufacturing Environment is archived in both the European and the United States headquarters of the IACC. Her belief in the power of color has shaped her quest to educate the public and design professionals about the value of color.


Jill regularly lectures to the American Institute of Architects, International Interior Design Association, and the International Association of Color Consultants. Pilaroscia consults with corporations, real estate developers, educational and health care institutions, ecclesiastical, and select residential clients. She creates workshops and seminars tailored to client cultures like Interface Carpets and the University of California. Her writings have appeared in Urban Land, Contract Magazine, ARCA, Interior Design, Multi Housing Trends, Durability + Design, and Multi- Housing News. She continues to research the psychological, biological, and visual ergonomic factors of color. She holds a BFA degree in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Michael Capulong

Michael is a graphic designer with a background in user-interface design and design strategies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Design from San Francisco State University. Through his creative and professional endeavors, he has acquired exceptional communicative and critical thinking skills. He is involved in color design and project management at Colour Studio. Experience starting and running a design firm paired with a formal education in design allows Michael to take the lead on visual communication on all major projects, utilizing top industry technologies in the creation and application of color palettes.

Susan Hanley

Susan graduated magna cum laude from Bowdoin College with majors in English and Spanish. After moving to the Bay Area in 1990, She discovered her affinity for the order and rationality of numbers while working in the accounting departments at a number of local non-profit organizations. She is currently a freelance consultant specializing in accounting and financial management for creative and arts-oriented organizations and individuals. She also offers pro-bono coaching to emerging artists on the business aspects of their chosen fields. When she’s not crunching numbers, she spends as much time as possible at local dance studios studying hip-hop and African urban dance.


"Great news! The Planning Department has approved the changes to the exterior color. Thank you for your assistance in addressing their concerns. Your team did a great job presenting last week! We appreciate all of your hard work. You have been great!" – George Elum

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"You did a wonderful job today. Everyone was impressed, yet again" – Lisa Purul

"I wanted to thank you personally for your contribution to our project. It was a pleasure working with you and I am sure we will work together again. See you at the opening ceremony!!" – Mike Pyatok

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"I’m hopeful we will be work together in the future on another project. I enjoyed working with you and you always produced on time with no errors. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to other developers." - George Ellum